Visit to Kyoto by Students of Sophia University Graduate School of Global Environment Studies

Students from Sophia University Graduate School of Global Environment Studies visited Kyoto between March 9 and 11, 2017, to study the status of forest management in Kyoto.

On 9th, they received a briefing from the officials Kyoto Prefectural Government about forests in Kyoto and their historical background. On 10th, they visited a field managed by Nishiyama Forestry Management Promotion Council and were provided insights and information about the maintenance of bamboo forests, plantation forests, and secondary forests, and the activities of volunteers and private companies. The same afternoon, they visited Kitayama Forestry area, which practices the traditional method of intensive forest management in growing Kitayama cedar.

On 11th, they participated in the forest management activity of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and understood the concept of thinning in a plantation forest. Throughout the activity, students were seen keenly asking questions and exchanging opinions with the local participants.