Prize-Winning Works of the 2021 Poster Contest for Greenery Campaign

The Kyoto Prefecture Government and KMFA selected prize-winning works of the 2021 Poster Contest for Greenery Campaign, which they both co-hosted.

A total of two works were selected as the winners of the Grand Prize from over 905 colorful entries from elementary, junior high, high schools, and special education schools in Kyoto Prefecture. A further four received awards for excellence, six for incentive, and ten for effort. A total of 200 works were selected, including 178 honorable mentions. Some of these will be put forward for the national contest.

Grand Prize

Natsuho Saito
Gomago Elementary School(Nantan City)
Kanna Shiomi
Junmei Elementary School(Fukuchiyama City)

The awards ceremony and exhibition have been canceled due to a state of emergency because of the pandemic.