KYORAKU Centennial Forest Fund Project "Children's Forest Growing and Hands-on Learning Experience" Held at the Foot of Mt. Daimonji

On Saturday, December 2, 2023, the Kyoto Model Forest Association held the KYORAKU Centennial Forest Fund Project “Children’s Forest Growing and Hands-on Learning Session” at the foot of Daimonji Mountain. A total of 28 participants, including children and their parents, attended the event.
Upon entering the forest, they first walked around the mountain to observe various tree species while solving quizzes. The children observed fallen berries and leaves, the bark and the hardness, and the shapes of tree branches.

After lunch and a talk on the ecology of pine trees, participants listened to a short lecture about maintaining bright Satoyama forests where pine trees grow and experienced the work.
In the last part of the session, children made kaleidoscopes with natural materials such as nuts, leaves, etc.. They showed each other their original works. They enjoyed the colors of nature, cheering as they found that no two pieces were alike.

The staff handed out commemorative gifts and held a closing ceremony in front of the Honenin Forest Center.
Despite the cold weather, everyone made it a day to familiarize themselves with the local forest.

[KYORAKU Hyakunen-no Mori/A Hundred Year’s Forest Fund] Children’s Forest Growing and Experiential Learning Project
This project is funded by the “KYORAKU Hyakunen-no-Mori/A hundred-Year-Forest Fund” donated by KYORAKU CO., LTD., established in Kyoto, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation.