[KYORAKU Centennial Forest Fund Project] "Forest Outdoor Challenge for Children" Held on March 17, 2018

On March 17th, 2018, KMFA organized the “Children’s Forest Outdoor Challenge” meeting at the Kyoto Forest of STHIL (located in Hiyoshi-cho Nantan-shi, Kyoto Prefecture). The renewal ceremony of the venue was held prior to the opening, and 139 people, including members of “Junior Green Clubs” in Kyoto Prefecture, attended and participated in various experiences while enjoying fresh open air in the forest.
The programs consisted of a Smelling Quiz, in which participants guessed forest smells from masked containers; a Weighing Game, in which participants gathered natural materials like branches or stones in the exact prescribed weights; Log-Cutting; and Fire-Building experiences.
The children enjoyed the various experiences, which they are not able to experience in their daily activities.

Log cutting.Can you use a saw well?

Weighing pebbles and forest materials.Perfect?

Can you recognize forest smells?

 What is this smell?

It’s hard to start a fire by yourself!Try hard until smoke comes out!

Commemorative photo