“Green of Peace" Project/ The Commemorative Celebration of the Construction of the Biotope at Ohuke Nursery School Held on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Heiwado Co., Ltd., a retailer of food, clothing, and housing-related products in Japan, made a donation to KMFA for the promotion of “greening” nearby facilities, including schools. As the commemorative celebration of this first greening project, Ohuke Nursery School in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City held a ceremony to celebrate the construction of the biotope and the planting of several trees funded by the “Green of Peace” project in their garden on March 10, 2018. This project is subsided by the donation of revenue from plastic bags purchased at Heiwado stores in Kyoto City due to the discontinuation of free distribution of plastic bags in line with municipal regulations.
Commemorative planting was also held, and the mascot character “Hatoppy” from Heiwado joined the ceremony. Following the presentation of appreciation from the children, they sang and presented the song “Spring Has Come” to the contributors. They appreciated the construction of the biotope where are able to enjoy seasonal flowers and living creatures that will soon be seen around the ponds.