Forestry Experience Workshop for Supporting Traditional Culture in Kyoto

December 13, 2015

 The KMFA held a Forestry Experience Workshop for supporting Traditional Culture in Kyoto on December 13, 2015. The participants, including some KMFA members and the Kurama Fire Festival Preservation Association, joined the workshop held in one of the forests owned by Mitsui & Co, Ltd, in Ukyo-ward, Kyoto-City.

Mr. Miyake, Chairman of the Kurama Fire Festival Preservation Association, greeted the audience and explained the commitment of the  association towards the continuation of the local traditional event, the Kurama Fire Festival, which is known widely among Japanese people. He also highlighted the difficulties in ensuring the supply of material (Rhododendron reticulatum, etc.) for the torch, due to the changes in vegetation in the nearby Satoyama areas.

Dr. Takayanagi, lecturer at the Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture, explained the current scenario of forests in this region and the implementation of deer-prevention measures. He claimed that the control of deer access is essential to maintain a balance between wildlife and human use of the forests. After the lecture, the participants visited the setting of the deer-control fencing, accompanied by Dr. Takayanagi.



  •  This project was supported by Japan Post Co. Ltd. as one of New Year Post Card Donation Aid Program 2015.