Eco-friendly Products Derived from Local Forests


In Kyoto prefecture forests cover 75% of the land and, accordingly, an effective use of forest resources is a task. However, it can be said that these resources have not been properly utilized due to reasons such as the recent falling price of timber. To improve the circumstances, a Kyoto venture company (Ace Japan) developed logistic pallets (trade mark: KyoPallet) in cooperation with Forest Cooperative. The pallets use wood chips as a raw material obtained by chipping unused tree branches, leaves and thinned wood.

Utilizing wood products is important, not only because they can be used as an alternative to petroleum-derived products, but also because it has an aspect of fixing CO2, which is a cause of global warming. The product also uses wood materials collected from the forest maintenance works conducted by companies participating in Kyoto Model Forest programs.

As many companies are involved in Kyoto Model Forest activities, it is expected that more eco-friendly products derived from local forests will be adopted through local economical activities.