A workshop on "Forest Management with Participation of Corporates" Held

On Friday, December 22, 2023, a public workshop on ” Forest Management with Participation of Corporates” was held at the “Prefectural Forest Hiyoshi” in Nantan City. Despite the coldest winter weather, representatives of companies implementing or considering forest conservation activities in Kyoto Prefecture took part in the meeting.

In the morning session, Mr. Shinobe, chairman of the Kyoto Forest Instructors Association, gave a talk on “the multiple functions of forests and the significance of forest conservation,” followed by hands-on experience of attending satoyama forests under the guidance of the instructors to restore pine forests.

In the afternoon, Mr. Manami Tsuchida from ESPEC Corporation and Ms. Akiko Yamada from Sanyo Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd., who are engaged in forest maintenance activities for conservation in Kyoto Prefecture, shared their knowledge and experiences.

The workshop continued with an introduction to the forest carbon sequestration certification system through the Association’s corporate forest management activities and wooden craft kits, including handmade musical instruments made of wood from local forests.

The participants deepened their understanding of the activities through knowledge sharing, asking questions about the case reports, and sharing ideas for future activities.

KMFA acts as a conduit between local forests and prefectural residents and businesses, inviting businesses and other entities such as universities or local groups to engage in forest management activities and supporting various projects through the “Forest Management Fund” and other activities.